How Well Does WNYMCS Actually Do?

We are proud to continue a legacy where we beat the odds and outperform most other Western NY charter schools and Buffalo Public Schools. Since 2004, we have built a solid core of academic, social-emotional, and leadership support for our students. According to our NY State Report Card, our accountability status is "in good standing."

"In good standing . . . " means that we have above average comparable results to other schools on NY State Assessments and Regents Exams. We also have very competitive class sizes (where most schools have much higher class sizes) and a strong school climate. Our graduation rate also beats the odds and is one of the highest in the area. Our school is fiscally stable and is projected to be stable in the future, as well.

For more comprehensive data regarding how we are doing, you may find the direct link to our NY State Report card below:

WNYMCS Report Card