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Message from the Commandant

I want to thank the Teachers, Cadets and Candidates of Western New York Maritime Charter School as we navigate the the threat of the coronavirus.  I appreciate the time and effort that everyone has shown becoming accustomed to remote learning so quickly.  Dr. Jetter, Ms. Fleming, Mrs. Mank and Mrs. Johnson did an incredible job of making sure that the teachers were ready to deliver instruction with new methodology.  Teachers have responded quickly and have prepared amazing lessons to keep our students learning.  We are planning at this point to be closed through April 17th.  The Middle School building will be closed from March 23rd until April 17th.  Mrs. Livingston will be working at the High School, all other personnel will be working from home.  Everyone will monitor their emails and will answer your questions in a timely manner.  Ms. Kritz and Ms. Meyer have been answering many questions and have helped students cope with the stress of this new situation.  Our counselors and disciplinarians have been busy supporting our students.  Our teachers have responded with great lessons and in many classes have been very creative and some are even having fun with the process.  Mr. Goodman has delivered packets to candidates and cadets and we have also started a limited lending library for those cadets who needed a chromebook.  I would also like to thank our parents for their support and patience as we learn this new format of teaching and learning.

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How can you change the world?

We received this video from one of our middle schoolers to share with all of you. How can YOU start to change the world?

Coronavirus update 4/2/2020

Hello Maritime Families, We hope you are all staying home and healthy during this time. We want to remind you that grades are closing and all work needs to be submitted. If your child has not contacted their teachers, they need to do this as soon as possible, class work is not optional during this time. As of now, both buildings are closed and locked. If you have a true emergency and need to enter the high school only, you will need to reach out to the Commandant via the school website and her email link. Parents and students can be using both the parent and student portals to monitor classwork assignments and grades. We also post updates on Facebook and our school website for your convenience. Please, if youare experiencing technical difficulties, you need to contact a teacher or administrator immediately to get a resolution in place. Again, submitting classwork is not optional. We all miss our students very much. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.

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