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Message from the Commandant

Dear High School Parents/Guardians,
We would like to welcome all of our new and returning cadets who will be attending the 2020-2021 school year! Just a reminder, the high school has moved to 2219 South Park Ave.,14220. We are very excited to be in our new building and cannot wait until your children arrive! The purpose of this letter is to share with you the plans we are making in preparation for the return of students. Although times are uncertain and adjustments to daily school life will have to be made, we, as always, will strive to give your child the best education in the safest environment possible. The following plan has been designed to follow the NYS Department of Health’s guidelines, State Mandates, and with the health and safety of our students and staff as our highest priority. 

Due to Social Distancing requirements, we will be implementing a hybrid schedule to include classroom and remote learning that will alternate, depending on your child’s grade level. This will enable us to decrease the amount of students in attendance within the building. Please read carefully, as your child will not be scheduled to be in the building everyday. ** With consideration for each child’s individual circumstances, if after review, you feel your child cannot adhere to the hybrid learning plan and must either learn in the school’s classroom setting, or entirely online from home, we ask that you contact Ms. Kritz in the main office at 716-842-6289 to discuss. Parents, it is very important that you keep us updated with current phone numbers and addresses in the event we need to contact you.

*Students and staff must complete an online health screening survey EVERY DAY before leaving from home*
Tuesday September 1, 2020:       9TH GRADE ONLY- report 7:30 AM -11:30 AM
Wednesday September 2, 2020: 10TH GRADE ONLY-report 7:30AM - 11:30 AM
Thursday September 3, 2020:     11TH GRADE ONLY-report 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Friday September 4, 2020:          12TH GRADE ONLY-report 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Every Monday will be remote learning from home for ALL students
*Teachers will be teaching from home
*Enrichment courses such as Senior Seminar and Skills for Success for Freshman, will be available on Mondays      
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 
*9th and 10th grades will learn remotely from home
*11th and 12th grades will be in school learning from the classroom
Wednesdays and Fridays
*9th and 10th grades will be in school learning from the classroom
*11th and 12th grades will learn remotely from home         

*Students will follow their regular daily schedule Tuesday through Friday
*Students must login to their scheduled class within the first 10 minutes to be counted as present
*Students are required to complete all assignments, on time, as instructed as if they are in the classroom

*Students must fill out online health survey prior to arrival
*Parents should take their cadet’s temperature before school, temperature should not exceed 99.9
*Students MUST wear a mask on ALL busses (district busses and NFTA, including the subway)
*Students MUST wear a mask when entering the building, in the halls and whenever they cannot social distance 
*Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. If temperature is above 99.9, students will be monitored away from healthy students and MUST be sent home
*Sanitation stations will be provided throughout the building
*Classroom size will be reduced
*Sports and extracurricular activities will be assessed as we get more direction from the State 
PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL IF HE/SHE IS SICK, HAS A FEVER ABOVE 99.9, HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO COVID-19 OR HAS BEEN TO ANY STATE ON THE TRAVEL ADVISORY LIST.  Any student who is sick or who may have been exposed to Covid-19 should consult their physician to be evaluated. Students who have been sent home with a fever, have Covid-19, or have been exposed, or have been to any state on the travel advisory list, must follow the guidelines for quarantine and may only return to the school building with a physician’s note stating that they are cleared. There will be no exceptions.
***If a child is absent from scheduled classroom learning due to illness or another circumstance, they will be able to participate via online learning and may be counted as present as long as they login at the required time

The 2020-2021 school year promises to be unique.  Maritime will continue to do our best to provide an excellent education for our cadets, your children.  We continue to be proud of our graduation rate which remains above 90%.  We will continue to work with you to keep everyone safe while learning and on a pathway toward four year graduation.  Our teachers truly want to work together with you to provide the best possible learning opportunity for your child.  As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me at 716-842-6289.  This is a new experience for all of us and I am here to serve you and meet the needs of your child in the best way I can.  I am excited to see our returning and new cadets in September!

Catherine Oldenburg
Western New York Maritime Charter School
2219 South Park Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14220

Latest News

COVID-19 Student Testing Update

Parents, Please be sure to complete the COVID-19 testing permission slip, either online on our website under the COVID 19 button or the copy that was mailed home last week. No student will be permitted into either building on their first day back without a signed consent form. Any student arriving for school without the signed consent will be sent back home immediately and will need to remain at home until the current 5 week grading period is over at the end of January. This is in accordance with New York State guidelines. We appreciate your help to allow us to bring the children back to school safely. Thank you, stay safe, and stay healthy.

COVID-19 update 12/15/2020

December 15, 2020 Dear Parents/Guardians, I hope that this letter finds you in good health and able to enjoy the holidays as we end a very unique year. I think we all hope that 2021 will mark a return to a year where we will be able to stay in school and our lives return to normal. We are planning on returning to school starting Monday January 4th. Mondays will continue to be remote learning. Students will follow the schedule they had in November. If they are four day a week students they will attend Tuesday through Friday. If they are hybrid students they will attend Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday. If they are remote students they will not be on site at all. If parents have any questions or wish to make changes to their cadet’s schedule they may call through December 23. Statistics have shown that schools have not been spreaders of COVID due to the many protocols in place which is why NY State has allowed schools to go back to in-person learning so long as they continue to maintain COVID spread mitigation protocols and engage in a COVID rapid testing regimen. In-person learning is extremely important for our students both in terms of learning and social and emotional support. We at Maritime are dedicated to provide that while maintaining all necessary protocols to help keep your children and our staff safe during this pandemic. In order for your student to return to in-person learning you must fill out and sign the enclosed COVID 19 testing permission form and make sure that the school has this form no later than January 5/6th. Your student cannot return to in-person learning without this permission form. They may turn it in at the office themselves their first day back. The reason is that we must conduct random testing on site in order to conduct in-person learning per NYS directive. Therefore if your student arrives on January 5th or 6th and we do not yet have the permission form we will send the student home or you may come in to sign the form. While in an Orange Zone we must test 20% of our students over the course of a month (approximately 70 students) and 30% (approximately 105 students) over the course of a month if designated a Red Zone. Testing materials have been ordered and we will begin testing as soon as they arrive. If you wish your child to be tested we will start with volunteers and test others randomly until we have the required percentage. Testing will be done by qualified individuals utilizing rapid tests provided by NY State. All data resulting from testing will be handled with confidentiality. Results will be submitted to the Erie County Department of Health. Any students who test positive will be immediately isolated and the parents will be contacted to pick the student up. Any staff who tests positive will be immediately sent home. In both cases tracing determinations will be made to determine quarantine of those potentially exposed defined under current state guidelines. If you had borrowed a computer during the full-remote period please have your student return it the first day back to school with the computer and charging cord. It is vital that they do so because that is the same computer they need and use daily for all classes while attending in-person learning. Please remember to have your student fill out the Covid questionnaire before coming to school. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is not feeling well. All staff and students will wear masks, practice social distancing, and practice healthy hand cleaning. Due to diligence in these three schools have remained relatively safe. Best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season, Catherine Oldenburg, Commandant Western New York Maritime Charter School

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