Welcome to the Maritime Guidance Center!

Important Resources

WNY Maritime Charter School is dedicated to creating a learning environment that is accessible to all students. The Guidance Department will provide consistent contact with parents and students to make sure needs are met. The counselors will keep communication lines open, provide counseling services remotely and in-person to help support students through social emotional development. We will provide crisis intervention if it is needed per individual needs/cases. Counselors will communicate with special education teachers, general education teachers and administration on a regular basis and intervene when necessary to provide student support.

The Roles of Guidance Counselors


Graduation Requirements/ Tracking, Annual Review, Curriculum Choices


Crisis, Educational & Vocational, Personal/Social/Emotional Counseling, Conflict Mediation, Short Term Support


College Selection, College Applications, Financial Aid Program, Scholarship Information


Job Application Process, Working Papers, ASVAB & Career Interest Inventories, Vocational Field trips


PSAT (Preliminary Aptitude Test), SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), ACT (American College Test), ASVAB & Career Interest Inventories

Academic Study Halls are part of our high school program. For details about how we are not letting students sleep or letting students say that they don't have anything to do, or letting them play around on computers without any productivity with making up work or increasing their GPA, please click on the link below for more information:

Academic Study Hall Expectations