Scholarship Information

Scholarships are monies awarded by private foundations or schools. They are competitive and usually require an essay, letters of recommendation in addition to the application form. There are literally millions of scholarships available. Students should research and apply to as many as possible. Some students win scholarship money simply because they are the only person to apply.

Additional Information and Sources of outside Scholarships

  • Parent's employers

  • Professional Associations (such as medical, legal, engineering, accounting, etc)

  • Community organizations such as Lions, Kiwanis, PTA, Church groups, YMCA, Chamber

  • Visit local library for scholarship search guides

  • Write to associations directly to ask if they offer financial assistance to students

  • Most scholarships have deadlines by October, by March 15th 75% of deadlines have passed

  • Many scholarships are for students already in college, not just for high school students

  • Look on the college's web site for special scholarships that need applications.

  • Some scholarships are available to students before their senior year

  • Apply for at least 12 scholarships and pay attention to small, local awards

Apply for Scholarships Strategies

College Scholarship Search Websites