Dr. Marie Larcara » Welcome to The Maritime Learning Center (MLC)!

Welcome to The Maritime Learning Center (MLC)!

The Maritime Learning Center (MLC) is a space for both students and staff to engage, explore, and enhance learning.  We work with faculty and staff on planning, professional development, and how they can best use technology for teaching and learning. We also host guest speakers who come to present to staff and students on a variety of topics. 
Students come here for many reasons, from making up assignments and assessments, extra help, and even as a whole class for the use of the space and technology.  The MLC also serves as a place for senior students to work on portfolios and to be mentored during their final year at WNY Maritime Charter School. 
One main purpose of the MLC is to offer the opportunity for students to take online college classes!  We work hard to get them courses that will help them expand their options in life. Not all our cadets go to college right out of high school, but applying for work, going into the military, or entering the trades can be enhanced when you show you worked hard and have the capabilities to do advanced work.  This initiative also addresses our mission and vision. The cornerstones of our school are not just words. We live them each and every day. 
These Cornerstones are: Academic Excellence, Character Development, Physical Development and Leadership Development.
If you have any questions or suggestions for the MLC, feel free to reach out to me at any time. 
Dr. Marie Larcara