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Welcome to The MAST

Welcome to The MAST (Maritime Academic Services Team)

Mission Statement

The MAST mission is to offer students, faculty and staff opportunities to enhance academic skills, abilities, and habits of mind through peer-to-peer mentorship, one on one tutoring and small group support. We believe in the investment in learning, good habits, and respect individual learning styles. We believe in an inclusive environment that is conducive to learning and open as an opportunity to enrich and grow.  With the goal of creating lifelong learners for students, faculty and staff, we strive to support all endeavors towards self-confidence, leadership, higher academic achievement, performance and maintaining a growth mindset.

MAST Mission



Vision Statement

The MAST empowers students, faculty, and staff to achieve academic and professional goals through opportunities for enhanced learning, interpersonal development, personal responsibility and leadership


Core Functions

  1. Course specific academic support
  2. Academic skills development initiatives, including technology
  3. High impact leadership and engagement opportunities
  4. Professional development
  5. Mentorship and peer-to-peer support
  6. Credit recovery and extension opportunities


  1. Advance learning and progress, providing specific academic support in all courses. 
  2. Increase student persistence and self-regulation by providing individual and small-group academic skills development initiatives focused on independent learning strategies.
  3. Increase student and faculty use and understanding of technology for learning, including information literacy, best practices and purposeful use of technology, based on the Maritime Technology Skills Template
  4. Student, faculty and staff growth in leadership through added support for development initiatives and research opportunities. 
  5. Advance student-teacher relationships by offering a space for added support, extension activities and co-leadership. 
  6. Increase student success, persistence and retention.
  7. Collaborate, conduct, write, publish and present research on various school initiatives, including student-teacher collaboratives.


Peer tutoring for credit/service

  • Scheduled in for added help (writing, organizing, completing, extending, etc.)
  • Peer support either with a scheduled mentee or by specifically chosen students’ schedules to assist and mentor
  • Mentors may earn credit/service credit for volunteering and completing hours with mentees

Teacher Resource Center

  • Space for teachers to meet with a specific student or small group for added support
  • Teacher professional library
  • Teacher planning space for professional development, research, collaboration
  • A room and proctor for make-up assessments, etc.
  • A space for scheduled support with director and/or SPED professional