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Welcome! My name is Christiano LiPuma, our cadets here call me Mr.LiPuma or Mr.L! I am the health teacher here at Western New York Maritime.  I just came aboard in February and already the faculty, and especially the cadets have made me feel welcome!  I studied at Empire State college, majoring in Human Services and I will be attending Niagara University to study my Master's in school counseling.  
Over the past two years the term "health" has been the topic of debates, conversations and policy.  Here at Maritime, physical and mental well being of our students is top priority.  That is why in my class we have discussions, conversations and learn practices that can help us achieve an overall "healthy" lifestyle.
I let my students try and guess what I did in my previous career.  Many students guess that I was either a "Weatherman" or lawyer.  Truth is I was a youth Pastor.  I have a passion for helping kids discover their passions and reaching their full potential, starting with their health!
Welcome and feel free to contact me at [email protected]!