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2021-2022 Reopening Plan

WNYMCS Reopening Plan for the

2021-2022 School Year


It is with great pleasure that I announce the WNYMCS plan to fully re-open both our Middle School Campus and High School Campus for in-person learning, five days per week starting September 7th with half days for orientation as follows:

Wednesday, September 1st: Grades 5, 6, and 9

Thursday, September 2nd: Grades 7 and 10

Friday, September 3rd: Grades 8 and 11


At this time, we do not see the need to have a fully virtual program option for our students. This past July and August, our summer school program was safe, healthy, and a successful experience for over 70 students.


Below, you will find some simple reminders to reassure you that safety comes first at our school and we take it very seriously. Student health and well-being will be monitored extensively and daily. If any staff or student does not feel well or exhibits a fever, it is best to stay home. 


Fever Checks

Continuing from our 2020-2021 re-opening plan, all staff and students will have a fever check upon arrival. We recommend home-checks before coming to school if at all possible.



Masks are required for all individuals inside school buildings regardless of vaccination status. When outside, masks may be removed if activities are designed to keep students socially distanced for most of the time.


Social Distancing

Schools will adhere to the CDC distancing requirement (a minimum of 3 feet among individuals when inside).


Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning protocols are unchanged from our 2020-2021 re-opening plan. We have ample PPE products, sanitizer, masks, face shields, surface sanitizing wipes, etc.



We have ample seating to practice the 3-feet-apart social distancing protocol when masks are removed for eating. Cleaning protocols in between lunch periods will continue and are unchanged from the 2020-2021 re-opening plan.


COVID 19 Isolation Rooms Both campuses have isolation rooms for symptomatic students or personnel who will then be released for quarantine.


Physical Education

When possible, physical education classes can be conducted outside (weather permitting). When classes are conducted inside, students will be masked. PT gear will be worn on days when physical education takes place.



Our school will participate in our regular program of Section VI Varsity sports. All COVID 19 safety protocols previously in place for sports programs will continue from 2020-2021.


Field Trips

Field trips will temporarily be on hold until we see the outcome of our school re-opening plan and can further evaluate where we can take our students and under what protocols our transportation seating can carry out regarding numbers of students to attend a specific field trip.  If field trips commence due to the societal status, we will continue mask wearing on buses and in establishments where visitations occur.



Typically, we have some parent volunteers and student teachers or observers as part of our school community outreach efforts. Volunteers will be invited on a minimal basis and they will carry out all of our reopening plan guidelines.


I cannot wait to see everyone as we forge ahead with fulfilling our mission at Maritime and seeing this pandemic through with strength, pride, and a commitment to hard work at our school so our students’ dreams can come true for their futures.

As always, please contact mea t any time if you have questions.



Catherine Oldenburg,