COVID-19 Response » COVID-19 Parental release form for student testing

COVID-19 Parental release form for student testing

Dear Parents,


Due to rising Covid-19 cases, NYS has implemented a Covid-19 Action Cluster Initiative. As it stands now Buffalo, NY falls under an Orange Zone which means that to open and remain open there will be mandatory monthly testing for 20% of randomly selected students, staff and teachers for in-person settings.


What is this form?

We are seeking your consent to test your child for the Covid-19 infection per NY State directives. We will be partnering with Local Health Departments and other medical providers to facilitate the testing of students, teachers and staff attending in-person selected at random. This consent form will be valid from January 2021 through June 2021 so long as Buffalo remains designated as a Yellow, Orange or Red Zone.


Refusal of consent?

According to NYS orders if there is a refusal to consent to the Covid-19 testing, that student will have to become fully remote until further notice pending a change to Buffalo’s cluster designation.


How often do we test?

In accordance with New York State mandates we will be testing 20% of the in-person student, staff and teacher population monthly, selected at random, as long as the school remains in an Orange Zone. The amount needed to be tested will change depending on the Zone designation.