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Welcome to my WNYMC Teacher Page!
This year (2022-2023) I am starting my 2nd year teaching at Western New York Maritime Charter School. Last year, I taught 7th and 8th Grade Science/Technology. This year I am excited to move to the High School where I can focus more on my passions in the Earth and Space Sciences. Also, explore Natural Hazards/Disasters and Issues in Science! 
I can't wait to teach all of you how much fun science can be and look forward to having a great year!
~Mr. Steinberg



Happy Early Spring, 
Since the weather was awesome today, I did part of my lesson in class to introduce what we will be doing outside. We learned about the significance of the first official day of the Spring Vernal Equinox (Sunday). Basically, every place on Earth has 12 hours of daylight and darkness. We then went over what the early signs of spring to look for via the Early Signs of Spring Scavenger Hunt (attached).
Here are some pictures of all my science classes outside looking for signs of spring: 
We found:
1. A Lady Bug, Stink Bug, a few bees, a dead centipede, and a few worms.
2. Mushrooms/Fungus
3. Moss
4. Seagulls and bird songs of a Robin and Woodpecker)
5. Squirrels and a few Squirrel nests.
6. Deer tracks and poop.
7. Saw that our roof top weather station was pushed to the side by the last windstorm (I let Dean know). 
We also recorded all of our scientific findings into the Citizen Science Database.

I could not believe how much garbage/trash there was down by the swamp in the woods. I wonder if we should have a spring clean up day outside for the school? 
Mr. Steinberg

We (8th Grade Science- 8th Period) were just outside doing Cloud Lab#2 and thought this was so cute that they used each other's backs to take notes about Cumulus and Stratus Clouds! 


7th and 8th Grade Science Classes went outside today to study the different types of clouds. There were mostly high level clouds today (Cirrus and Ciro-Stratus). Next week, we hope to study Cumulus and Stratus Clouds. 
7th Grade (Period 3) taking notes for their Tree Lab. We learned about Hardwood and Softwood Trees. More specifically, we observed:
- Silver Maple
- Sugar Maple
- Cottonwood
- Red Oak
- Douglas Fir
- Weeping Willow

Commissioner's Determination


Effective immediately, in accordance with the Commissioner's Determination issued pursuant to 10 NYCRR 2.60, any person over the age of 2 (including all students, personnel, teachers, administrators, contractors, and visitors) must wear masks at all times indoors in P-12 school buildings, regardless of vaccination status. People with medical or developmental conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask may be exempted from mask requirements, as documented by a medical provider. People do not need to wear masks when eating, drinking, singing, or playing a wind instrument; when masks are removed for these purposes, individuals must be spaced six feet apart. All mask requirements must be applied consistently with any state and federal law (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act).

Thank you,

The School Reopening Team

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