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Essential Teaching Practices for the High School

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Essential Teaching Practices



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Essential Practices

1. I know what is expected of me in my classes.


All Cadets will clearly know what is expected of them in each class.

·Take muster consistently (beginning and end).

·Post daily agenda and learning objectives.

·Utilize Cadet planners.

·Provide grading rubrics.

2. In my classes, I have the materials & equipment to do my work right (correctly).


All Cadets will have access to the materials they need in order to do their class assignments well.


·Supply pens, pencils, and paper.

·Offer books and reference materials.

·Hold Cadets accountable for being prepared.

3. In one or more of my classes, I have the opportunity to do what I do best.


All Cadets will have opportunities in their classes to do what they do best.

·Offer choice and flexibility in assignments and projects.

·Invite Cadet feedback for improving class.

·Use varied methods of instruction and content delivery.

4. About every week, I receive recognition or praise for doing good work from at least one of my teachers.


All teachers will regularly give praise and recognition to Cadets for doing good work.

·Give public and private praise.

·Contact parent/guardian with good news.

·Announce and post exemplary work.

5. My teachers regularly inform me about how I am doing in my classes.


All teachers will regularly inform Cadets of how they are doing in class.

·Carry out bi-weekly Cadet conferences in class.

·Actively mentor Cadets in homeroom.

·Post a minimum of 2 grades per week on Parent Portal.

6. There is at least one teacher at school who seems to care about me as a person.


All teachers will regularly show that they care about each Cadet as a person.


·Remember something unique about all Cadets while interacting with them.

·Do not show Cadet favoritism.

·Do not engage in sarcasm with or gossip/negativity about Cadets.

7. There is at least one teacher at school who regularly encourages my achievement.


All teachers will regularly encourage Cadets’ achievements.

·Display Cadet achievements.

·Explain the importance of a skill being learned.

·Provide timely feedback on assignments or assessments.

·Have Cadets re-do poor quality work.

8. I believe my teachers are experts in what they teach.


All teachers will demonstrate that they are experts in what and how they teach.

·Use practical examples for content relevance.

·Show excitement in subject area.

·Inform Cadets of your own achievements and world experiences.