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Scholarships are monies awarded by private foundations or schools. They are competitive and usually require an essay, letters of recommendation in addition to the application form. There are literally millions of scholarships available. Students should research and apply to as many as possible. Some students win scholarship money simply because they are the only person to apply.



ROTC Scholarship: At WNY Maritime our students also have the advantage when applying for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC ) scholarship. The ROTC scholarship is money offered to a student who wishes to serve in the military after they earn their degree. The student may receive full or partial tuition paid in return for their service after college.  ROTC students attend college like other students, but also receive basic military training and officer training for their chosen branch of service, through the ROTC unit at the college or university. The students participate in regular drills during the school year, and extended training activities during the summer. WNY Maritime has had many students receive such scholarships. The typical student who received an ROTC scholarship was in the top 20% in their class, had high SAT scores, and was very active in extracurricular activities especially JROTC activities.


SAY YES Buffalo: SAY YES eligible students who are accepted to colleges in the SUNY/CUNY  system can receive tuition scholarships. The amount of these scholarships is determined by how long the student has been continuously enrolled in a Buffalo Public or Charter school in addition to the tuition balance owed after state, federal and institutional aid are deducted.  Seniors at WNY Maritime Charter School will receive assistance in applying for SAY YES during Senior Seminar. For additonal information, please visit http://sayyesbuffalo.org/scholarships/scholarship-program/



New! Excelsior Scholarship: A scholarship that allows New York State students in combination with other financial aid to attend a SUNY or CUNY College for free. Please visit https://www.hesc.ny.gov/pay-for-college/financial-aid/types-of-financial-aid/nys-grants-scholarships-awards/the-excelsior-scholarship.html for more information.



Additional Information and Sources of Outside Scholarships

  • Parent’s employers
  • Professional Associations (such as medical, legal, engineering, accounting, etc)
  • Community Organizations such as Lions, Kiwanis, PTA, Church Groups, YMCA, Chamber of Commerce
  • Visit local libraries for scholarship search guides
  • Write to organizations directly to ask if they offer financial assistance to students
  • Most scholarships have deadlines by October, by March 15th 75% of deadlines have passed
  • Many scholarships are for students already in college, not just for high school students
  • Most scholarships have deadlines by October, by March 15th 75% of deadlines have passed
  • Many scholarships are for students already in college, not just for high school students
  • Many scholarships are for students already in college, not just for high school students
  • Look on the college's website for special scholarships that need applications.
  • Some scholarships are available to students before their senior year
  • Apply for at least 12 scholarships and pay attention to small, local awards



Strategies for Applying for Scholarships:


Start early (your freshman year is not too early); search for scholarships (reference books, software, websites)

Apply, apply, apply (the more you apply the better your chances)

Plan ahead (it takes time to get transcripts and letters of recommendation)

Be organized (keep copies of all application, information is often repetitive.

Keep track of deadlines

Follow directions (you can easily be disqualified by deleting or filling out forms incorrectly or not having the proper signatures requested).



Although many scholarship sponsors and most scholarship search services are legitimate, schemes or scams that pose as either legitimate scholarship search services or scholarship sponsors have managed to cheat thousands of students and their parents. These fraudulent businesses advertise in campus newspapers, distribute flyers, mail letters and provide toll-free numbers, and have web sites. The most obvious frauds operate as scholarship search services or scholarship clearinghouses. Others set up a scholarship sponsor and pockets the money from the fees and charges that are paid and returns little, if anything to the applicants.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in Washington D. C., has a special educational campaign called "Project $cholarship" to confront this type of fraudulent activity.


The FTC warns students and their parents to be wary of fraudulent search services that promise to do all the work for you. "Bogus scholarship search services are much like the ‘you have won’ magazine prize-promotion scams targeted to students and parents. They guarantee students and their families free scholarship money...all they have to do to claim it is to pay an up-front fee."


The FTC warns scholarship seekers to be alert for these warning signs of a scam:


"This scholarship is guaranteed or your money back". Refund guarantees often have impossible conditions attached.



"The scholarship service will do all the work". Only the student can fill out the personal information forms, write the essays and supply the references that many scholarships may require.



"The scholarship will cost some money". True scholarship sponsors give out money, not make it form application fees.



"You can’t get this information anywhere else". What parents and students fail to realize is that they have access to all the same sources as the scholarship search companies.



"You are a finalist-in a contest you never entered," or "You have been selected by a national foundation to receive a scholarship". Most scholarship sponsors will only contact you in response to an inquiry.



"The scholarship service needs your credit card or checking account number in advance". These are never requested by legitimate sources.



Finally, no scholarship service can guarantee that a student will receive a scholarship.



*Taken from Get a Jump Ohio 2000 New Jersey; Peterson’s 1999



For more information about scholarship scams, contact The Federal Trade Commission at http://www.ftc.gov to report a scam or call the National Fraud Information Center 1 800 876 7060.



*Good rule of thumb…NEVER PAY ANY MONEY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!! -Scholarships give money they do not take money. Frequently a student will be asked to write essays. They may be asked to have transcripts or report cards sent to them. But a legitimate scholarship foundation will never ask for money. If you are in doubt please call or speak to a counselor before sending any money or personal information to anyone.


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