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Timeline for Seniors

Senior Year Timeline


  • Request letters of recommendation from teachers/counselors/adults
  • Meet with school counselor to review college application process/ assure senior
coursework is on track.  Senior Seminar will guide you through this process
  • Finish college essays
  • Register for SAT or ACT if retake is needed
  • Meet with college representatives
  • Begin to narrow down colleges and categorize as safe/reach/realistic choices
  • Create a checklist/calendar of dates, deadlines and fees


  • Make visits to college campuses
  • Follow up with letters of recommendation
  • Submit college applications to colleges and notify your school counselor
2-3 weeks before the deadline. This should be completed before
the Thanksgiving break!
  • Prepare for early decision deadlines (November deadline)
  • Send SAT/ACT  scores to colleges
  • Research scholarships
  • Create your FSA ID prior to completing your FAFSA.
  • Have your parent/guardian create a FAFSA ID too.
  • Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) beginning October 1st.
  • Finish and send any early decision/action applications
  • Make sure your high school transcript is sent to colleges.
  • Continue to research scholarships


  • Organize regular decision college applications and financial aid forms
  • Register for SAT if needed
  • Visit colleges during Winter Recess
  • Complete FAFSA if it is not yet completed
  • Ask your school counselor to send mid- year transcripts to colleges
  • Watch for college application deadlines- send all paperwork and fees


  • Attend spring open house at college campuses
  • Make sure FAFSA has been completed
  • Scholarships- keep looking!
  • Begin to make final decisions about which college you will attend
  • Keep your grades up
  • Watch for acceptance letters and financial aid offers and alert your counselor


  • Give school counselor a copy of acceptance letters and financial aid information
  • Request that final transcript be sent to colleges
  • Send commitment and deposit to the college that you plan to attend
  • Notify schools that you didn’t choose that you do not plan to attend


  • High School Graduation – Congratulations!