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Hello!   My name is Senior Chief Foye.

This is my second year at Maritime. I retired from the US Navy after serving 23 years of faithful service to our country.  I am from Buffalo so I look forward to helping lead, guide and mentor the world's finest NJROTC cadets here at Maritime''. I am now one of 5 Naval Science Instructors. I will have the NS1 cadets which are all freshman and some second/third year cadets or cadets first year at Maritime. My focus will be teaching on what it means to be in the NJROTC program, rules and regulations, basic military requirements, as well as a few other courses of instruction aimed at giving cadets an education on working and living on the water - while not serving in the US Military. The NS1 course is centered on Intro to NJROTC program, Basic Seamanship and Good Order and Discipline.



Late Assignments

For all assignments not completed by their due date, there will be 10 points taken off each school day until it reaches 50.