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Director of Adminstrative Services


I am Sgt First Class William Vasquez and as the Director for Administrative Services, I supervise day to day administration of the front office of the school and maintain a library of current school policies and directives.  I also have general oversight of attendance, food service operations and building maintenance.  We have a stringent attendance policy that I enforce.  See the link below for a quick summary of the policy. 

2013_2014 Attendance Policy Summary (No changes to this policy as of June 2018)

2013_2014 Attendance Policy Summary Spanish (No changes to this policy as of June 2018)

It is absolutely essential for you to keep us informed in the case of changes of addresses or primary contact phone numbers.  We cannot keep you informed, if we cannot reach you.  Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions regarding school policies and changes in your contact information.

Will Vasquez


[email protected]  or [email protected]

On the first attachment below, you can find our District Safety Plan updated and adopted by our Board of Trustees in September 2022.

NOTE: All appendices have been removed from this Safety Plan and Emergency Response Documentation as it contains information that only school personnel and

local authorities should have.