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Middle School Vice Commandant

Parents and Candidates,

Life always presents us with challenges and it is how we respond to these challenges which helps define us.  In true Maritime fashion I view this current challenge as an opportunity to see how flexible we can be, adult staff, parents and Candidates alike, and how well we can rise to the occasion.  Our mission remains unchanged; to educate our Candidates with the aim of instilling the values necessary to be productive citizens of our great country.


To meet this challenge we will be relying heavily on digital and online resources.  Please check teacher web-pages on our school website and your school email daily.  This is where you will be given direction and resources for each of your classes.  Please communicate with the teachers directly if you face any special challenges and we will work to come up with solutions to support you. From 9-11 and 12-2 Monday through Friday all teaching staff will be available to communicate with students via email and Google classroom as applicable. 


School administrative staff will be physically at the school every day 9-2 and can be reached via email and phone.  Any Candidates applying for National Junior Honor Society can continue to work on their applications and parents can drop off applications at the school. The new deadline for these applications is April 20th.  The induction ceremony will be rescheduled for late May with the date to be determined.


At this point state assessments in English and Math will be rescheduled for after the Candidates return to school.  The Science 8 state assessment will still be June 1st and the Science 8 lab practical assessment will be May 20th.  Regents exams in Algebra 1 and Living Environment are still scheduled for June.  The 8th grade moving up ceremony remains scheduled for June 25th at 9 am. All of this is of course subject to change as this situation develops.


We anticipate at this point that school will resume normal operations on April 20th. However please continue to check the school website as this situation remains fluid. I beg your flexibility and understanding as we all face this unique challenge together.


The Middle School Vice Commandant acts primarily as the Head of School for Middle School Operations and is the primary administrator to work with Middle School students and parents.  Additionally the Middle School Vice Commandant serves as the Chief Information Officer and Data Coordinator for both the High School and the Middle School.  In addition to fulfilling data requirements placed upon the school by NYSED, I work with faculty in analyzing data to drive instruction and to assist them in developing pre- and post-assessments for non-regents courses.  
I am in my 15th year here at Maritime and am the only staff member to have been here from the very beginning back in 2004, taking time away in 2008-2009 for military service in Afghanistan.  I fully embrace, and am driven to fulfill, the mission and vision of our school.  I truly consider it an honor to serve my community and country by doing my part to forge productive and engaged citizens.

Jon F. Mellott
Lieutenant Colonel, Armor, US Army Reserve
Phone (716) 898-2130 ext 3304
Please visit the link below to see some of the mechanisms we are using fulfill the mission and vision of the school.  This includes the tried, true and data supported Essential Teaching Practices, action plans, and the characteristics of a Model School.  Model Schools are schools which possess unique characteristics and which stand as an example to be followed by other schools.https://www.wnymcs.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1627429&type=d&pREC_ID=1767858