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Updates and Messages from Ms. Fleming


November 2020 update:


Hello Maritime families,


In preparation for any possible extended school closures we are working on securing more chromebooks to loan out to your enrolled children. Unfortunately, these devices may not be here for a few more months so I have initiated a waiting list for those families who do not have technology at home but will need it in the even we go fully remote.  If you will need to borrow a chromebook for your child so they can remain fully active in their classes, please click the button in the left hand navigation bar to complete the form and you will be notified as soon as we have a device ready for you. We appreciate your patience during this time while we do everything we can to ensure a continuous quality education for your children.

Thank you,

Ms. Fleming




August 19. 2020 Update:

Hello Students, Parents, and Guardians,


Welcome back to Maritime!  We are very excited to begin our 2020-2021 school year with your children.  I have spent the summer currating, evaluating, and creating tutorials for the software changes we will be implementing at both schools this year.  Our teachers did an amazing job when the most unexpected, and unimaginable, situation struck this past March.  I could not have been prouder of them and your children in how everything went.  It was a difficult situation for everyone but we banded together and got it done.

Now we are preparing to come back to our new high school, this has been the busiest summer ever at Maritime, and with a whole new learning model.  We are doing a hybrid model for the high school and teachers from both the middle and high schools have been doing professional development all summer to prepare for whatever comes our way. Our new teachers will be getting training the week of August 24 and returning teachers will be coming back later that week for their training. Details on this can be found in our News section.


We have moved away from Zoom and are going to do virtual classroom sessions via Google Meet through private invitations.  Maritime will never post a meeting link online for all to see!  This change was implemented to ensure our students are safe and secure while online. Assignments will be posted and submitted through Google Classroom and I am posting a document with informative links for parents and students to refer to from home for questions on how to use this software.  All of our returning students are familiar with this platform but we want you, the parents, to understand how it works too.

Another change we made since COVID-19 hit, was our internet security filtering.  All students, when logged in to a school owned device or on a home device logged in with their school owned account, will be covered with educationally safe internet filtering.  Students who are using home devices and want to perform non-school activities, must log out of their school account and in to their personal accounts.  Students who are exclusively using school-owned devices do not have this option and will remain under school internet filtering at all times. It is our responsibility to keep our students safe regardless of where they are and this software accomplishes this task.


Please refer to our updated Technology Acceptable Use Policy, located in the left side navigation bar, to be familiar with what we are expecting of our students while they are online.


Thank you for your support, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns about technology or your child's online presence, please reach out to me.


Heather Fleming

Director of Instructional Technology

716-842-6289 ext 3305



Software solutions that teachers are utilizing for the upcoming 2020-2021 year:

Compiled List of Educational Resources

Courses for Math Grades 6-12, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science

DuoLingo (spanish)

Flocabulary (all subjects)

Gizmos (science)

Google Classroom (online classwork)

Google Meet (in person and remote lesson assignments and submissions)

GroupMe (test app to share reminders of classwork, talk to your child’s teachers if you are not connected with this)

Khan Academy

Maneuvering The Middle (middle school math) (livestreaming, lesson recording, remote whiteboard)


Our school website and faculty web pages

Reading\Writing\Vocabulary A-Z (middle school)

Remind (test app to share reminders of classwork, talk to your child’s teachers if you are not connected with this)

Schoology (online classwork)

Thank you,

Heather Fleming

Director of Instructional Technology

716-842-6289 ext 3305


COVID-19 March 16, 2020 Update


March 16, 2020

Hello Parents!

I would like to assure you that all of us here at Maritime Charter are diligently working to find software and online solutions to continue to deliver our high quality education and standards to our students, your children. We understand the confusion this time is bringing to everyone, educators included, but we are working together in ways that are just as unprecedented, and we know we can use this time to build a wonderful toolbox of ways to reach all children, at all levels, and with a new enthusiasm for creative planning.

I have been training teachers on the use of Zoom Meetings to record lessons and hold live tutoring and counseling sessions with students. Students will be able to replay recorded lessons as often as they want once teachers uploaded them. Our teachers are expanding their use of Google Classroom and Schoology to disseminate information to your children in ways that will keep them engaged, working, learning, and interacting in a socially acceptable distance without overloading them. By now, all of your children will have received emails from their teachers and we ask that you please and ask your children what they need to be doing every day. Ask your children to show you how they are communicating and watch as they interact with their teachers. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how this technological change will impact your family, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email.