Director of Instructional Technology

March 16, 2020

Hello Parents!

I would like to assure you that all of us here at Maritime Charter are diligently working to find software and online solutions to continue to deliver our high quality education and standards to our students, your children. We understand the confusion this time is bringing to everyone, educators included, but we are working together in ways that are just as unprecedented, and we know we can use this time to build a wonderful toolbox of ways to reach all children, at all levels, and with a new enthusiasm for creative planning.

I have been training teachers on the use of Zoom Meetings to record lessons and hold live tutoring and counseling sessions with students. Students will be able to replay recorded lessons as often as they want once teachers uploaded them. Our teachers are expanding their use of Google Classroom and Schoology to disseminate information to your children in ways that will keep them engaged, working, learning, and interacting in a socially acceptable distance without overloading them. By now, all of your children will have received emails from their teachers and we ask that you please and ask your children what they need to be doing every day. Ask your children to show you how they are communicating and watch as they interact with their teachers. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how this technological change will impact your family, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email.

Below are some of the software solutions that teachers will be utilizing:

Compiled List of Educational Resources

Courses for Math Grades 6-12, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science

DuoLingo (spanish)

Google Classroom (online classwork)

GroupMe (test app to share reminders of classwork, talk to your child’s teachers if you are not connected with this)

Khan Academy

Maneuvering The Middle (middle school math)

Our school website and faculty web pages

Reading\Writing\Vocabulary A-Z (middle school)

Remind (test app to share reminders of classwork, talk to your child’s teachers if you are not connected with this)

Schoology (online classwork)

Zoom Meetings (tutoring, lesson recording)

Thank you for your assistance and patience during this time,

Heather Fleming

Director of Instructional Technology

716-842-6289 ext 3305

Heather Fleming McQueen, M.S. Ed.

As the Director of Instructional Technology for Maritime Charter, I am responsible for all technology evaluation, budgeting and purchasing, implementation, and integration from the network to the desktop. 

I enjoy bringing in new technology for the Cadets and Candidates to use and working directly with the teachers to integrate it into the classroom.  The Cadets currently have access to HP workstations, Apple iPads, and Chromebooks in various classroom and mobile lab settings.  All Cadets and Candidates are provided with a Google Apps for Education account to facilitate interactions with teachers on assignments and the ability to work from home and access their papers online back in school.  Email and document sharing has been a huge success the past several years!
We have provided all Cadets and Candidates with individual access to: Google Classroom and Gmail; network access; eSchool's Student Portal; Castle Learning; GALE Access Databases and so many more online tools.  The students can now interact with their teachers on papers, using Gmail, Google Classroom, and Google Drive, to save documents to their personal accounts and work on them from home or on any internet capable device.  We are moving toward a real world, college ready, level of assignment and document access for our students so learning does not stop when they leave the building. The amount of technology and the quality of it's integration into our Cadets' and Candidates' daily schedule continues to increase year after year as we keep up with the latest technological devices and trends. Using their student portal account, Cadets, Candidates, and their parents, can see what assignments are due and their current grades.  Cadets, Candidates, and their parents are encouraged to log in on a regular basis to stay on top of their assignments.
Detailed information on the technology at Maritime can be found on our Technology Page. 
Our Technology Acceptable Use Policy can be viewed from the left side panel on this page or directly on the Policies and Procedures page.
We are improving our home schooling program for Cadets and Candidates to be used in times of not being allowed in school for extended periods of time.  Using Google Meet, the Cadets and Candidates attend their classes virtually and get credit for lab time while fully participating in class.  This is a great advantage over home tutoring and we are proud to be moving in this direction.
I welcome the challenges inherent in updating technology to help ensure our Cadets and Candidates are ready for life after high school.  If you have any questions about, or wish to discuss Maritime's technology, our acceptable use policy, Parent and Student Portal, or our initiatives, please feel free to contact me.



Office: 716-842-6289 ext 3305