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Western New York Maritime Charter School and its faculty are committed to the successful integration of technology into teachings and learnings throughout the school on a daily basis. We believe that effective technology integration must happen across a curriculum in ways that deepen and enhance the learning process.
The school technology includes the following list which will expand throughout the 2019-2020 school year:
  • Interactive display boards in all Middle School classrooms and several High School classrooms to bring education to life and engage all students.
  • Five class sets of Chrome books in mobile carts in the high school and six mobile carts in the middle school.
  • Four class sets of Chromebooks permanently assigned to Science, ELA, and the Social Studies departments.
  • One set of iPads permanently assigned to Math.
  • Two rolling Apple iPad labs with apps for every class and subject.
  • One computer lab with 20 HP workstations and 10 Chromebooks in the library .  These computers contain Microsoft Office 2016, G Suite, as well as several mathematical software programs such as Geometer's SketchPad.
  • Software that is used to convert text to speech to assist students as needed.
  • Extensive use of Google Classroom for assignments and student submission.
  • Every Cadet at Maritime is provided with a secure Google account to interact with teachers and access their work from home.
  • The Science Department has digital microscopes that connect to projectors so the whole class can participate in labs simultaneously.
  • Computer Based Learning. Interactive software and video simulations are used in a learning setting where course content is reviewed and extended, exam preparation occurs, and realistic and abstract course related simulations are created and played out ( historical combat, business simulations, sports, and civilization development games).
  • Online whole class assessments using Google forms to provide immediate feedback with scores and answer corrections for quick quizzes and review sessions.
Our Information Technology Director is a Google Certified Teacher - Heather Fleming  
The teachers of Western New York Maritime Charter School believe in technology and practice the successful integration of technology on a consistent basis. Our educators are continually exploring new ways and methods to use technology more effectively inside the classroom.