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 We have three school counselors and one youth counselor available to assist students and parents.

Frank Veneziano (Director of Guidance, High School)
Phone: (716) 842 - 6289 x 3309
Colleen Collins (Middle School)
Phone: (716) 842 - 6289 x 3480
Jennifer Martin (High School)
Phone: (716) 842 - 6289 x 3315
Florence Dollard, High School Youth Counselor:
Phone:  (716) 842-6289 x 3306 


The counselors are trained and experienced in helping students work through personal, social/emotional, and academic problems and in guiding educational and vocational planning. You may enlist the aid of the counselors to identify interests, aptitudes, and career goals and to clarify diploma requirements. If personal problems are interfering with success in school, don’t hesitate to talk with the counselors.


 What do we do?

 EDUCATIONAL PLANNING                                                                     

* Graduation Requirements/ Tracking

* Annual Review

* Curriculum Choices



 * Crisis

* Educational & Vocational

* Personal/Social/Emotional Counseling

* Conflict Mediation

* Short Term Support



* College Selection

* College Applications

* Financial Aid Program

* Scholarship Information

* Military Liaison   



* Job Application Process

* Working Papers

* ASVAB/ Career Interest Inventories

* Vocational Field trips



* PSAT (Preliminary Aptitude Test)

* SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

* ACT (American College Test)

* ASVAB/ Career Interest Inventories


As school counselors, we use a multidisciplinary approach, consulting with: 

* Teachers

* Parents

* Administrators

* Physicians

* Community Agencies

* Social Workers

* Psychologists

 * Clergy

* Mental Health Professionals


Counselors take an active role in positive communications with parents, students, and the community through various letters, phone calls, e-mails, brochures, parent nights, and student programs