Course Catalog

Welcome to the online version of the WNY Maritime Course Catalog.

This course catalog has been developed to assist you, our students and parents, as you plan your school program. It will provide you with information about graduation requirements and describe the broad range of required and elective courses available. The planning process is critical! A high school program which is appropriate for you and which leads to success requires good planning. It is your responsibility to discuss the course options with your Counselor and teachers. We encourage and urge parents to participate in the planning process! You are always welcome to call your Counselor and teachers and/or to come in for a conference with them. Your involvement is essential. If you have a special or unique need or situation, be sure to consult with your Counselor. Whenever you have a question or concern, call the school. The high school years can be a wonderful and exciting combination of academic life, extra-curricular life, family, and social life. It is a time for growing, learning, and preparing for a happy and productive future. To help in the planning, it is important that the student ask these questions:



• How can I get the most out of my high school years?


• Am I willing to study and do my best in all of my classes?


• What extra-curricular activities will help me to develop my talents and to grow as a person?


• What kind of career and lifestyle do I hope to have as an adult?


• Will I need a college education to achieve my goals?


All students enrolling at WNY Maritime are required to be enrolled in a Navy JROTC class. They will need to adhere to the uniform and grooming standards set forth by the Navy JROTC program. These rules and regulations can be found in the NJROTC Handbook given to each cadet. The Naval Science classes will be used as electives towards achieving credit total for graduation. The students are not limited to Naval Science electives but are required as a condition of acceptance to WNY Maritime Charter School to be enrolled each year in a Naval Science class. Students will be placed in classes based upon need to meet New York State Requirements for graduation, to accommodate students academic needs, school policy, and student request or interest in subjects. Upon the completion of a course of study, there shall be a culminating experience that reviews and evaluates the objectives for that course of study. This culminating experience generally takes the form of an examination and results in a final exam grade. Students enrolled in AP and Honors-level courses are required to take the Regents Examination, when it is offered. Exceptions to this regulation, when recommended by the teacher involved, may be approved by the Principal. AP students enrolled in AP courses are required to register and take the AP exam, which are offered in May.


The State Education Department has established standards for earning a high school diploma. These are the minimum requirements which must be met and do not necessarily meet the entrance requirements established by individual colleges. The New York State Education Department has developed two types of high school diplomas that WNY Maritime is authorized to give out upon completion of the requirements. These include a New York State Regents Diploma and a New York State Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. As stated in its’ title the Advanced Designation Regents Diploma requires more work and is more difficult to achieve. At WNY Maritime we strive for every student to achieve an Advanced Designation Regents Diploma. A student that obtains an Advanced Designation diploma has shown to college admissions that they are capable and willing to work harder. This message is implicit in obtaining this diploma and colleges look favorably on those who receive it. Those students have a better chance at getting into the colleges of their choice and receiving scholarships.  All students should take the most demanding course of study of which they are capable!