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WNYMCS Cadet Handbook - Here you will find our student handbook. Its purpose is to provide NJROTC Cadets with detailed information and regulations for their guidance and compliance while they are attending WNY Maritime Charter School, establish a comprehensive and clearly defined organizational structure for the Regiment of WNY Maritime Charter School, and to Provide staff members with guidance for their dealing with WNY Maritime Cadets.
Discipline Policy (High School) - Here you will find our school's discipline policy and procedures. Adherence to school rules and regulations is pivotal to a safe and effective learning environment. Cadet disruption of class and/or school routine impairs teaching opportunities. A clear policy for cadets who refuse to adhere to rules and regulations is necessary to illustrate consequences for both the cadet, and their parents or guardians. Tools which teachers and administrators may use to enforce school rules range from on the spot correction to suspension This directive indicates levels of violations and provides guidance for corrective measures.
Discipline Policy (Middle School) - Based on the original high school discipline policy, but adjusted for middle school age students.
Academic Review Board SOP (High School) - The ARB is a mechanism by which peers in good academic and behavioral standing help intervene with Cadets who are struggling academically.
Academic Review Board SOP (Middle School) - ARB SOP modified for use in the middle school.
Code of Conduct -Code of Conduct of the Faculty, Staff, and Cadets of Western New York Maritime Charter School.
Attendance Policy - Here you will find our School's attendance policy. Every student has a right
to educational opportunities that will enable the student to develop his or her fullest potential. Attendance policies are based on the principle that regular school attendance maximizes the student's interaction with his or her teachers and peers and is a major component of academic success. Improved school attendance generally increases student achievement. Therefore, attendance policies that provide for the early identification of attendance problems and effective methods to address them are most likely to succeed. Successful implementation of any attendance policy requires cooperation among all members of the education community, including parents/guardians, students, teachers, administrators, and support staff.
Computer and Internet Use Policy - Maritime uses computer and internet resources to enhance classroom learning. In effort to assure these resources are only used for educational purposes, we employ internet filtering and enforce school policy regarding their use.
Wellness Policy- A Wellness Policy is used to assure an effective nutritional program is provided in concert with fitness education to promote a healthy lifestyle for all cadets and staff.
Maritime Charter School supports and is in compliance with the Dignity Act

Dignity Act Coordinator – Florence Dollard

Alternate Dignity Act Coordinator – Frank Veneziano