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Directions for teaching applicants:

1.) Complete and forward the attached application form.

2.) Forward a current resume with a cover letter.

3.) Include the job vacancy number on the envelope and on your cover letter.

4.) Arrange to have your College or University Placement Office forward your confidential references to us.

5.) Include a copy of your Certification(s).


Below is our general hiring practices:

 You will be called on the phone if you are selected for an initial screening interview. If you are not selected, you will not hear from us. Generally interviews take place within two weeks of the close of applications. Please do not call to inquire about your status.

  • A committee will conduct the initial screening interview. The committee can consist of teachers, non-instructional personnel, a parent, and an administrator(s).
  • Generally three (3) candidates will be selected from the initial screening interviews to participate in a semi-final interview with the Commandant, or designated administrator. This interview may involve teaching a lesson, doing writing samples, or additional committee type consideration. Reference checks will be conducted on candidates selected for semi-final interviews.
  • Candidates for positions with Maritime must reapply for each vacancy. If you are not selected for a position at this time, please consider reapplying.