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Welcome to my webpage!
I have been at Maritime for 13 years and enjoy everything I get a chance to do. I am currently a Health Education/Physical education teacher and the Senior class advisor. I have in the past served as the athletic director for 8 years, medical liasion for 4 years, and was a consultant teacher for special education in the CCAlgebra and Living Environment classrooms. Overall I have been actively teaching 21 years and a coach as well. I am currently the Hamburg Xtreme 14u girls softball coach (5th year) and in my spare time I am a licensed security guard that works for KeyBank Center. Any academic questions can be answered by e-mail at

Course Description:

Health education is vital for preparing students for their future roles as responsible and productive citizens. It is the mission of health education to provide students with quality learning experiences that will enable them to recognize, develop, and utilize the skills needed for physical, mental, and social well-being.

The curriculum encompasses seven developmental personal and social skills which when mastered, enable students to enhance personal, family and community health and safety. These health education skills include:

1. Self management

2. Relationship management

3. Stress Management

4. Communication

5. Decision making

6. Planning and goal setting

7. Advocacy

The curriculum focuses on nine content areas that convey essential information for students to know and be able to use in order to be safe, healthy and achieve academically. These knowledge areas were determined by the Centers for Disease Control. They are:

1. Physical activity and nutrition


3. Sexual risk

4. Tobacco

5. Alcohol and other drugs

6. Family Life/Sexual Health

7. Unintentional injury

8. Violence Prevention

9. Other related health areas.

Testing/ Means of Evaluation:

1. Daily Grade- 5 point system

2. Homework- 2 point system (2=complete, 1= incomplete, 0= not turned in)

4. Quizzes- 10- 100 points each

5. Tests- 100 points each

6. Projects- 100-200 points each

7. Midterm- 100 points

8. Final Exam- 200 points, Comprehensive Health Portfolio

Portfolio A portfolio is a collection of student work, over time, that represents that individual’s best work. Included in the portfolio are products from performance tasks that show effort, progress, and achievement. Portfolio assessment allows a teacher to view student progress, considering growth and development. Portfolios can serve to engage students in learning content and help students develop skills of reflection and self-evaluation. Portfolios enable the teacher to document student learning in areas that do not lend themselves to more traditional forms of assessment. Assessment portfolios may be used to demonstrate mastery in any content area and may span any period of time Maintaining student portfolios facilitates better communication with students and parents.