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Scott Pugh

Naval Science Instructor and Maritime Careers Teacher

Master Chief Petty Officer  / U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)

e-mail -

phone - (716) 842-6289



NAVAL SCIENCE 3:   All NS3 cadets should check their school email/gmail accounts at least once a week (preferably Monday/Tuesday) for the weekly assignment.  I will send out an email letting you know when assignments have been posted to Google Classroom.  I will be using Google Classroom for the majority of assignments starting next week; the uniform inspection will be sent via email.



MARITIME CAREERS:   Please check your school email at least once a week and reply with any comments/thoughts/questions.  Communication is a two way street and it is INCREDIBLY vital during this unique time.   I have shifted from Google Forms to using Khan Academy for the basic 'carpentry' math skills that we were doing while in class.



Hello!   My name is Master Chief Pugh.

After serving in the Coast Guard for 22 years, including a tour here in Buffalo.  I retired from the Coast Guard in 2011 and worked in the private sector for about 6 years before joining Maritime for the 2017-2018 school year. 


I am now one of 5 Naval Science Instructors as well as the Maritime Careers Teacher.  The maritime careers class will be a maritime focused course that includes the previous "Boat Building" Class as well as a few other courses of instruction aimed at giving cadets an education on working and living on the water - while not serving in the US Military. 


My primary course of instruction is Naval Science 3 (NS3), intended for Juniors.  The NS3 course is centered on Operations and Seamanship and that is what I did for my 22 years in the Coast Guard.  Part of the curriculum (not counting any pandemic outbreaks) includes the NYS Safe Boating Class.  


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