Bruce Morrison » Participation in Government Discussion Question 19

Participation in Government Discussion Question 19

Students should understand that the level of rights they enjoy in New York State can change when they move to another state, because the federal government sets a floor in regard to rights that some states (like New York) choose to exceed while others do not.  For each right studied, the student should understand and be able to distinguish: the constitutional or statutory source of the right, the key precedents, the current rules or principles of law governing the right, the limits on the right, and some of the major issues and implications of the right today. The student should also be able to see the connections between the policy making process in the legislature and the judicial process in the courts. In some cases, the legislature is a source of rights; in other cases, the legislature may have passed a law that is the subject of a rights challenge.


Discussion Question #19: What are the legal rights and responsibilities of the individual in civic life, the workplace, and school?