Bruce Morrison » Participation in Government Discussion Question 14

Participation in Government Discussion Question 14

To be an effective and informed citizen, a student needs to learn basic research skills, including how to find and evaluate the information needed to make informed civic choices. Students should learn the basics of public policy research and be prepared to find information in multiple arenas - local, state, federal, and international. They should know what material exists (e.g., bills and laws, along with descriptions of their legislative history; legislative and executive reports; newspapers; other periodical literature, ranging from popular magazines to scholarly journals; public opinion surveys and other statistical studies; reference works; and books); where to find material (including framing an effective search topic, use of libraries, use of archives, use of the Internet); how to conduct original research (including the basics of designing a survey and conducting an interview), how to use proper protocol in contacting public offices for information (including how to make telephone calls, write letters, and observe public meetings); and how to read, interpret, and evaluate the material (especially legislative material) they have collected.


Discussion Question #14 - How do you find and evaluate information on public issues of interest?