Bruce Morrison » Participation in Government Discussion Question 12

Participation in Government Discussion Question 12

Students should understand that all United States citizens become eligible for jury duty when they become 18 years of age. It is a myth that in order to serve on a jury one must own property, be employed, or be out of school. Though their service would be scheduled so as not to interfere with school, high school students are not exempt from jury duty. Those who oppose jury service for religious reasons cannot be compelled to serve. Students should understand the difference between a juror qualification and a jury summons and know how to complete them. They should be aware that failure to respond has become a serious problem, and that such failure is subject to a fine, but only after notice and hearing. Students also need to know the difference between the grand and petit juries, civil and criminal cases, Federal and state court systems, and the qualifications and disqualifications for jury service.

Discussion Question #12 - How should you respond to a call for jury duty?