Bruce Morrison » Participation in Government Discussion Question 6

Participation in Government Discussion Question 6

Students should know how to obtain and complete a voter registration form, how to obtain an absentee ballot, when elections are held for federal, state, county, local, and school board office, and who holds these offices.  Students should be able to compare and evaluate the promises and voting records of incumbents holding these offices and the promises and past experiences of the candidates seeking them.  Students should understand that they may have a registration choice when they leave one residence and move to another.  For example, when students leave home to go to college, they may keep their previous residential address as their primary (main) residence and vote by absentee ballot.  Or, they may decide to change their primary residence to their new address, perhaps because they have become more involved in that community and consider this new location to be their main domicile.  Proving intent to declare a dormitory residence as primary residence may be difficult but not impossible.  The controlling case on college residence is a federal circuit court case: Aurbach v. Rettaliata, 765 F2d 350 (1985).  (In military service, one typically votes by military absentee ballot.)  Students should see a voting machine, learn how to cast a ballot in a voting machine, learn how and when to vote by absentee ballot, and learn how to determine the location of their polling place.


Discussion Question #6 - How do you prepare yourself to vote?