Bruce Morrison » Participation in Government Discussion Question 1

Participation in Government Discussion Question 1

The student should understand basic concepts of politics and government as they are used in the United States and elsewhere. In particular, the student should be able to define and distinguish between/among government and politics, law and politics, authoritarian and democratic governments, different democratic societies, the major purposes of government (e.g., protecting public safety, providing order, regulating economy, advancing public welfare), the major principles of political systems (e.g., republicanism, rule of law, limited government), constitutions and other laws. The student also should understand that different peoples may have different cultural and philosophical assumptions of the role of government in society and the relationship of the individual to society. The student should understand the distinguishing characteristics of United States democracy, and be able to distinguish the key assumptions of American political culture from other political cultures.
Discussion Question #1 - What are the purposes and principles of government, politics, and the law?