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Welcome to ELA 12

This year's curriculum for our seniors will entail a lot of writing, an introduction to classic literary authors, and critical pieces of literature that students will need to take with them on their journey outside of the classroom. 
The course has been separated into 4 different courses.
Please see the course syllabus link to get a better look into our classroom for the 2018-2019 school year.
Things to know about ELA 12
There will be a lot of writing
There will be a lot of personal reflection and goal setting
There will be a lot of the work that is student centered  
We will try to have fun
There will be three major, ongoing tasks that students will be working with all year. 
Dialectical Journals:  A dialectical journal is a journal in which the student keeps records of their observations and reactions. It is powerful meta-cognitive tool, that is, a tool that requires students to think about their own thinking process. This will be done using independent reading and bi-weekly articles of the week.
Independent Reading: When students are given the opportunity to read books of their choosing for pleasure, they are more likely to learn to love reading. When a student can learn to love to read they will be increasing their opportunities for more learning through reading. There are strong associations between independent reading and reading achievement, and it plays a key role in the development of reading fluency (speed and ease of reading), vocabulary, background knowledge, and even spelling. Motivation also is associated with independent reading; children who are interested in and motivated to read tend to do more independent reading. 
Bi-Weekly Article of the Week: Introducing current events and informational literature, such as magazines and news article, help students acknowledge and understand their role as active participants in the world outside of school and prepare them to become informed and caring citizens.