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Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Marie Larcara

I am thrilled to be a part of Maritime! Just a little about my background...
  • I am a New York State certified English (7-12) educator with extensive experience in teacher education. 
  • I earned a B.S at Buffalo State College,
  • a master's in education with a focus in distance education from California State University,
  • and a doctorate is in teacher leadership from Walden University. 
  • My research interests include writing to learn strategies, distance education, and the purposeful use of technology for teaching and learning. 
  • I currently live in Hamburg, NY with my husband and college age son and several rescue pets.
I truly look forward to working and learning with you! 

Recent Posts

Rhetorical Analysis Unit!

We have completed "The Macbethathon" and are moving into a writing unit called "Rhetorical Analysis". It consists of a couple pieces of writing, some on a topic of your choice. 
  • Your writing folder stays in our room! 
  • Your packet stays in our room! 
  • You need to be PROUD of what you write...we will assess the writing folder at the end of the year. 
Will you be proud? 

Skills Assessment on Macbeth!

Our skills assessment on Macbeth will be Monday, October 15th. 
It will consist of multiple choice and a written response to the following prompt: 
Construct a minimum of three paragraphs explaining how Shakespeare uses structural choices (imagery, plot, characterization, foreshadowing) to create and effect of mystery, tension, or surprise in the first two acts of the play.  

Welcome to English 10!  

This is my favorite grade to teach. We read wonderful literature and work hard to create authentic and meaningful writing. I try to use multiple and diverse teaching strategies as a way to engage and reach all learners.  


Come to class ready, respectful and willing to think deeply about themes which relate to your lives.  I will often ask YOU to find sources based on your interests and find ways to connect to our themes and essential questions.  Participation is key to your learning and you should expect an active learning environment.  


Your Success = My Success...so let's rock this! 

What's Happening in English 10!
  • Students have written a response to a short story, "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.  
  • Students will begin a reading/writing workshop soon!