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Professional Development & Teacher Support

Each year, many intricate and detailed supports are made to help all new teachers become successful.  We are a highly unique school where our culture is one-of-a-kind.  Our school is 1 of the only 6 full NJROTC Programs in the United States, which means all cadets fully participate in our program.  It is not an "elective."  As we are a diverse, urban center of teaching and learning with creative programming for training our cadets to become leaders, staff members who succeed at Maritime can succeed anywhere in the nation.
All staff members are onboarded with a process of acclimation to the school and technology support.  Click HERE for more information.
Our 1:1 support of new teachers, along with our new teacher seminars help grow teachers into master teachers.  Seminar topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Supporting our school culture
  • Muster and getting the day started
  • The 5 Maritime Responses
  • Grading
  • Assessment
  • Remediation
  • 9th period
  • The role of the CT Teacher
  • Data driven instruction
  • MAP testing
  • SEL supports and counseling cadets
  • Lesson planning
  • Chain of command
  • Department leadership  
At WNYMCS, there is a rigorous new teacher orientation not only at the beginning of the school year and during the last week of August, but we strive to support new teachers so they feel supported all year long. 
Here is a model of mentorship reflective questioning, created by Allyson Apsey, which outlines our commitment to working with teachers and coaching them to be amazingly powerful in the classroom
Teachers are humans too and we all feel a mixture of emotions at different levels of a school year.  While the chart below does not apply to everyone, it is interesting to see the types of emotions and "roller-coaster" ride that we take as professionals.
Teacher Emotions
Often times, prioritizing what to do and when to do it can become an overwhelming feat for both new teachers and veteran teachers.  Something that we use as a benefit for planning is the Eisenhauer Matrix:
What is the monkey that you have on your back?  What DON'T you have control over that you are stressed about?  Release it.  Take it off.  Your mental health depends on it.
Other resources for PD to support staff members can be found below:
Each year, every staff member will submit a Professional Growth Goal (PGP) by September 30th.  The form for the PGP can be found HERE.
Book Study Topics for New Staff:
                        6      Erik Francis       Jon Corippo
Here is a great presentation by Dr. Marie Larcara regarding online teaching success. 
Check it out here:  Online Success
Other GREAT presentations are listed in the documents section below, as well . . .