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About Dr. J.

I am honored to be on staff at Maritime Charter School.  I am in my 21st year in public education even though I am new to this school.  I have taught and led within educational settings over the course of my entire career.  My passions continue to reside in working with children. I hold four advanced degrees (a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Master’s Degree in English Education, a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, and a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Learning and Instruction). I have also authored five books for teachers and school leaders and one young-adult novel.  
Feel free to call me “Dr. J.” (short for Dr. Jetter) if you wish. Most importantly, I am honored to work with your cadet and will work hard to make your cadet be the best that he or she can be! I have three children of my own (ages 14, 12, and 10) and a step-son who is a Chief in the United States Navy.  More about me can be found at www.rickjetter.com.   
One of my biggest CORE beliefs is to get our cadets to think about the ups and downs of life and be prepared for any adversity that might exist throughout their lives. Certainly, literature and writing can be powerful tools to help support this theme. Please look at the image below--which will illustrate one particular character education lesson--as it is one of my all-time favorites: