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District wide building safety meeting

Western New York Maritime Charter School will hold a public hearing via Zoom in accordance with New York State Education Law 2801-a on September 14th to unveil a draft of the 2020-2021 District Wide Building Level Safety Plan. School safety is critical and is the job of the entire school community. Maritime’s School Safety Plan provides established guidelines and procedures to respond to threats and hazards efficiently and effectively.

Because Maritime wants to assure parents/guardians, employees, students and all community stakeholders that we are operating safely, we would like your feedback on September 14th Please request Zoom link thru meeting will begin at 2:00 Pm.

Masks with breating valves no longer allowed

Due to updated guidelines on the lack of filtering masks with breathing valves offer, we are no longer allowing them to be worn inside the buildings. Only masks without breathing valves will be allowed to be worn starting September 10, 2020.
Thank you.

School App for easy access to news and alerts


Please use the new School News by Edlio app on your phones to stay informed of news, events, and alerts from the school! It can be installed on both Android and iOS phones.

Please see the full information in our COVID-19 Response page.

Thank you,
Ms. Fleming

All COVID-19 information is now centrally located

We have moved all COVID-19 updates to the COVID-19 Response page that can be accessed by a single button on the main webpage. Your children can easily find the links to the daily health survey and we have posted information on a new app you, and your child, can download to your phones to get immediate updates on news, events, and alerts. There is a direction sheet for the app and a picture of the icon so you can be sure you download the correct one. There is also a QR code to use to download if you would like.

COVID-19 Parent Forums Invitation

PARENT FORUMS: Please join us in one of three upcoming parent forums on the reopening of school.
Please read our COVID 19 Prevention and Response Plan through the link.
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