WNYMCS 2020 Commencement Speech

Trooper Bulluck's Biography:


My name is Marcus Bulluck, and I graduated from WNY Maritime Charter School with the Class of 2011. 

I was born on July 16th 1993, and I was raised in Buffalo, NY on the city’s east and west sides. Growing up, my father lived on Carl Street and Delevan and my mother lived on Niagara Street. So I’d go back and forth between parents from time to time. I grew up seeing drug deals, people stabbed, shot, and murdered. Seeing this at a young age motivated me to stay out of trouble, and pursue a career that would protect, and defend people. 

I attended School 53 from kindergarten to third grade, School 18 from fourth to fifth grades, Enterprise Charter School from sixth to ninth grades, and WNY Maritime Charter School from tenth to twelfth grades. 

Attending WNY Maritime Charter school actually opened my eyes to life. The school taught me that structure and discipline will be important elements in a successful life. During my sophomore year I made the decision that I would be joining the United States Air Force. The summer of 2010 I joined the Delayed Entry Program and just had to complete my senior year before I enlisted. 

After graduating June 24th, 2011, I prepared myself physically and mentally to join the USAF on August 23, 2011. After completing 8.5 weeks of Boot Camp, and 4 months of Technical School to become a Pharmacy Technician I was finally an Airman with the career field I dreamed of in the medical field. After Tech School, I was stationed in Spokane, WA (Fairchild AFB). 

After serving three years in the USAF, I passed a billboard in Spokane that said the Washington State Troopers were hiring. At the time, in the USAF there was a voluntary separation program due to the fact there was over-manning in the branch. After receiving an honorable discharge, I began to transition to become a State Trooper. 

I was hired by the Washington State Patrol in December of 2014. After attending a strenuous academy, I became a State Trooper stationed in Moses Lake, WA, a small farm town in Central Washington. I was later transferred to Spokane, WA.  There I could be with my wife who was pregnant with our son.  I met her in 2012 while in the Air Force. 

In December 2017, After my wife was honorably discharged from the USAF we decided that we would settle in Texas. I became a State Trooper in Texas, after completing another strenuous academy. After the six month academy I spent two years in Corpus Christi, TX which was a lovely area to work and live. I’m currently stationed in Austin, TX at the Texas State Capitol. 

Law enforcement is my calling, I work hard every day to change the perception of law enforcement, and I have a passion for helping people. WNY Maritime Charter School helped teach me the pillars of life, success, and service to others. I’m very thankful and grateful that I was able to attend this establishment.